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Q3 2013 Release v1.6

Released on August 9, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.6

  • Multiple sip accounts registration support (unlimited)
  • Recording voice conversation into mp3 (.mp3) file (without or ID3v2.1 tag supported)
  • Playing mp3 (.mp3) files to the remote end (without or ID3v2.1 tag supported)
  • Codec selection and sorting
  • Fixed VB6 example bug
  • Fixed STUN event bug
  • Additional minor improvements as well file size optimization and performance of the SDK

Q2 2013 Release v1.5

Released on April 22, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.5

  • Improved Web compatiblity in MS IE Browser
  • Fixed growing memory bug
  • Some optimizations and improvements

Q1 2013 Release v1.4

Released on February 20, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.4

  • SDK now in bundle with native DLL and .NET support (no ActiveX registration necessary)
  • Powerful .NET Interface for easy .NET development
  • Complete new, re-written and improved SIP and Media Engine
  • Direct P2P support (no SIP Server necessary)
  • Complete new, re-written and updated samples with source code for DLL, .NET and ActiveX
  • and much more!

Q3 2010 Release v1.3

Released on July 8, 2010

Highlights of the version 1.3

  • g729 and g723 codec support
  • Multiple and single codec selection support
  • Failure codes support (get SIP message response code, SIP message response text)
  • RTP/RTCP port setting (for inbound RTP traffic)
  • Reduce audio latency and audio latency settings (properties: MinPrefetchCount, MaxPrefetchCount, MaxRTPPackets)
  • Media status (events: OnLocalMediaStarted, OnLocalMediaStoped, OnRemoteMediaStarted, OnRemoteMediaStoped)
  • Redirect call to other phone line
  • Load and save configurations (methods: LoadConfiguration, StoreConfiguration)
  • Complete new, re-written and updated samples with source code

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I haven’t got too much experience with the VoIP SIP SDK, yet, but it is surprising how quickly one can get some basic functionalities working. I very much appreciate the many sample applications that Conaito delivers with the SDK for many different programming environments. The SDK is a well-designed tool that takes away all the SIP burden from the developers and will save many man-hours in developing a final application using SIP VoIP communication. Also, the feature-set is very rich (audio recording and playback, DTMF tone generation and detection, etc…). I spent a lot of time evaluating the solutions of other competitors, but none of them come even close to what Conaito offers. This is a brilliant piece of software!
Patrick Castelein Product Manager
Zenitel Belgium,
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